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The Early Americana Series

Jack is best known for his Early Americana paintings. With their bright colors, busy scenes and whimsical details, his paintings evoke the joy of a simpler time in American life. Each one tells a unique story about a time and place. In addition, an observant viewer will find recurring motifs in Jack’s paintings, such as his habit of including mischievous names on the buildings, signs and wagons. For example, in the painting, “Fred Fog’s Flag Farm,” one of the wagons is identified with the label, “The Iceman Cometh.”
Most of the paintings also include a nod to Jack’s late wife, Marge, the love of his life. “The habit of including Marge in each of the paintings got to be a game I played with great amusement,” Jack said. “It was usually the last thing to go on the painting. I would add it in in the early hours of the morning when she was asleep. When she was bad, she would not be included in the paintings – so you can see that she was good most of the time!”

The Early Americana Series: Text
The Early Americana Series: Selected Work
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